We are independent business intelligence experts focussed purely on the NHS. By "focussed", we mean the whole of our business, passion and commitment is aimed at reducing costs for our Trusts.

We have developed deep experience with the major NHS workforce systems, from e-rostering, bank, NHSP, ESR, PAS and Risk.

For 15 years, we have helped our customers find new efficiencies and we're proud of our track record of success. We run a shared reward scheme - no results means there's no fee to pay

Sounds interesting? Well here's a few more reasons why we think you'd like working with us, and of course, we "turtley" have your back!


Can't help your Trust save? Then there's no fee

We're very confident we can help. We'll put our time and effort on the line to prove it, and we're always happy to work with Matrons and Nurses out on the Wards to do this.

In most Trusts, the Annual Recurring Value of savings we can find is between £7M and £12M.


Need action this month?

We're keen to get cracking and help you return savings this financial year, in fact many of our interventions can be actioned in a day.

Whilst we're working with you, we'll be teasing you with new ideas (perhaps from lessons learned in our other Trusts). There's always something new to work on.


We're very well connected

Our network includes high-level nurse leaders and officials around the country. Our collective of Trusts shares its experiences in driving up best practice, what works and what doesn't. We all share what we learn.

Meanwhile, as your "critical friend", we have your back covered should any dastardly politically driven plot mean you need assurance on a particular angle at warp speed.

If you've read this far and are hopefully intrigued/vaguely interested, why not get in touch? We can usually prepare and audit of costed savings "quick wins" for you in just a few days.