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Your data may not be sexy (but it is important).

June 9, 2017

Why workforce compliance metrics are ignored

May 17, 2017

What's missing from your roster policy? THIS!

January 13, 2017

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April 6, 2016

Already I'm off to a bad start - this post isn't about robots, I have more than 3, and they're not really laws. Still, if you can forgive the extremely tenuous link, I'd be very pleased to hear from you. What did I miss? What don't you agree with?

  1. e-rostering benefi...

January 7, 2016

Well, not unless you have a deep and broad data quality programme in place first...

Maintenance and shift entry in e-rostering is considered by most Ward Managers to be a decidedly onerous task. It’s not a clinical activity, yet requires input from senior clinical staff...

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