So just what is our motivation?

e-rostering should be a beautiful lever for workforce transformation, but we've seen how implementations frustratingly fail Trusts, time and again.

We understand why this is, and we have a passion for helping our customers put things right.

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Jack of All Trades

Marketing Guru

Digital Superhero

People Person

Our CEO and Founder Director Keith has broad experience in NHS workforce solutions, and a deep understanding of where e-rostering lets Trusts down. Keith's been there and done that in spades. With expertise in business process re-engineering, Keith has a passion for helping your Trust perform.

Outside of work, Keith is fond of sailing (having recently completed a trans-atlantic crossing) and off-roading.

Roz joined the team in 2017 to help us spread the news of our successes to other Trusts. Why would we want to keep this quiet? With 20 years experience in B2B marketing for blue-chips, Roz's expertise is in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and proposition development.


In her free time, Roz is a keen road cyclist, gardener and mud-runner.

Our CIO and Founder Director Greg is a solutions architect by instinct, and loves to solve problems for our customers. He firmly believes everything can be improved, using his diverse experience in IT, business intelligence and change management to "make it so".


Greg thinks there is no finer art form than cookery, and is also fond of red wine (being educated in Bordeaux) and running. He is not fond of camping.

With a background in Computer Science, Steve has extensive experience in project delivery, systems design and data analytics. Much of his time within industry has been in the defence aerospace sector, monitoring the health of the Eurofighter Typhoon fleet. Inside Oceansblue, Steve is our Director of Professional Services, and you'll notice how he cares about our customers and their success.

Steve is an RAF reservist, member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and is generally the sharpest-dressed member of the team.