Time for a fresh view on e-rostering

We're independent Business Intelligence experts with a proven track record of success in over 40 Trusts and Health Boards.


Uniquely, we work at database level with key NHS workforce systems. Converging this data means we can find new ways to reduce Bank and Agency costs and assure on patient safety.


Our solutions are cloud based, so they can be turned on quickly, without infrastructure cost or delays by internal IT.



Let's measure lifecycle roster quality

We’ll take a deep dive into your workforce data to find costed improvements and support you to achieve evidenced transformation. This is presented in cost impact and ease of implementation order. What to action is your choice, and we'll support you as much or as little as you prefer.

With "what if" modelling, cultural transformation and auto corrections at shift level, we'll help you optimise

those staffing behaviours that add unnecessary cost and clinical risk into evidenced benefits.

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Lock in improvements...

Sustainable transformation is key. We lock in improvements with automated compliance management - mobile score carding and event driven alerts, all delivered to the right people at the right time.

So let's uncover the less obvious and utterly interesting hidden opportunities that lie deeply buried in your workforce datasets. These may be caused by human error, poor practice, lazy administration or fraud.



And control your Bank and Agency spend

Save time, hassle and money by automating tedious reports and enriching your KPI set with powerful transformation metrics.

Many Trusts spend hundreds of hours a month constructing repetitive reporting, and still often can't get to the data they need. We make it easy to deliver insight, your way. This could be a data quality programme, custom cross-dataset reports, automated alerts on policy breaches or submissions for your Board Reports.

Our motto is, "If it is in the data, we can pull it out and analyse it for you".