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“The key benefit of the new insight we’re receiving from Oceansblue is the level of control it gives us. We can focus on areas that need support to improve their Bank and Agency planning. We’re also able to see metrics we couldn’t see before, presented “our way” – and because reports and alerts are automatically generated and distributed, it’s a real time-saver for our reporting team!”

Vaneesha Rai, Development Manager - Trust Bank Services


#AutomatedReporting, #CustomReports, #ChangeManagement, #Sentinel, #MatronSupport

"We've really appreciated working with Greg and Keith from Oceans Blue, they have conducted a targeted audit and have really helped us to see our processes through a new perspective. They are proactively working with us on new areas for improvement and are always responsive and extremely enthusiastic. They are helping us to continue identifying areas for cost saving and improvement with a sustainable basis."

Liz Pugh, HR Business Partner


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"We commissioned Oceansblue to investigate how we could make better use of our Healthroster e-rostering system and to review our workforce processes. They've helped us identify and prioritise opportunities to transform, looking at how we work with a fresh pair of eyes. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and I'd recommend them to Trusts looking to get more from e-rostering."

Margaret Daly, Deputy Director of Human Resources


#Audit, #ProcessReview, #PolicyAnalysis

"It was fun to work with Greg from Oceansblue, we had some deep and open conversations about e-rostering. It was reassuring to frame our position with reference to other Trusts and what is normal. We now have a clear vision for where we want to be, and what we need to change to get there."

Siobhan Ayers, e-Roster Team Manager


#Audit, #PolicyReview, #ProcessAnalysis

“We asked Oceansblue to prepare an audit on our workforce data and processes. They were able to show us where we can optimise how we work and helped us strengthen our rostering policy too.”

Janet Willis, Deputy Chief Nurse


#AutomatedReporting, #CustomReports, #ComplianceManagement, #Sentinel, #MatronSupport

“Oceansblue understand the complex issues we face, and have become part of our workforce steering group—really engaged. They are pretty much self-managing, meaning the project doesn't impact my day to day tasks.”

Nicky Sinden, Lead Nurse for Workforce


#AutomatedReporting, #CustomReports, #ComplianceManagement, #Sentinel, #MatronSupport

“We were admittedly cynical about how an external company could find savings for the Trust without cost, but their shared reward scheme gave us a lot of confidence. We were aware there were savings to be made, but hadn't predicted the extent of those savings. With Barnacles, we now have the hard evidence to tackle these areas - the added bonus is the rotas are running more efficiently too.”

Richard Bussey, ESR/e-rostering Benefits Manager


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“We engaged Oceansblue to build a custom dashboarding solution for us, to share KPI and Six Sigma information to a variety of user roles. Partnering with our in-house team, they quickly got to grips with our data feeds, and delivered an elegant, well-designed solution on budget and to timescales.”

Rony Arafin, Head of Performance Information


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“We’re working with Oceansblue to automate our time-consuming reports for payroll and KPIs for our execs. So far, we’ve saved days of manual effort per month – and we can spend this time supporting the wards in e-rostering transformation. Oceansblue’s KPI reports are powerful and easy to understand. We can see workforce metrics from different systems all in one place and can swap metrics in and out as we choose to focus on contemporary issues.”

Karon Hart, Assistant Director of HR





“Ward Guardian drives rostering improvements by issuing timely, tailored guidance in natural language to our wards. It’s fully automated and AI-powered - like having a virtual rostering expert sat by each ward every day. Ward Guardian is also a huge reporting time-saver for us - it frees our e-rostering experts to focus on helping our wards to improve.”


Paul Marston, Head of Workforce Systems and Utilisation, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust




“Working with Oceansblue is straight-forward - they are flexible in their approach and fast to respond to ad-hoc changes and challenges. They understand the complexity of NHS systems – and combine their experience with forward-thinking to develop solutions that are effective and solve problems. I’m pleased to have them in my corner.”


Craig Stewart, Head of Workforce Intelligence, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust



“Having our e-rostering and bank data placed on the Oceansblue cloud has been really useful. It’s an off-site backup for us, and using their roster viewers is an alternative way for wards to view shift data in the event of an infrastructure failure. An insurance policy for e-rostering!”

Martin Harrower

e-Rostering Manager

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