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NHS data hub

With Intelligent Workforce Compliance, Oceansblue supports you to transform complex operational data into precise, actionable insights. Empower roster planners to preempt workforce issues, support staff retention and wellbeing, and protect patient care.

Our solutions

Our solutions unify the output of complex NHS software applications, to overcome the "data in silos" problem and address the specific needs of this challenging e-rostering environment.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs or, for deeper benefit, work with our expert team to create a tailored package that will help you achieve your unique objectives.

continuous improvement
ward guardian

Ward Guardian

Ward Guardian continually monitors rostering performance and delivers actionable guidance. Automated emails to ward managers highlight where improvements could be made, 'nudging' them toward the best course of action. This leads to reduced shortages, reduced agency costs, improved staff wellbeing and improved patient outcomes.

discovery audit

Discovery Audit

Our Discovery Audit is the best way to understand where you sit on your transformation journey. What does your Trust do well? Where should we focus, in cost impact order, as we seek to drive new change?

NHS data hub

Data Hub and Legacy Decommissioning

Data from multiple systems can be drawn into one easy-to-access Data Hub and abstracted at unit level; to help you identify fresh CIP opportunities, safety correlations and to deliver cross-system standardised

reporting. Legacy systems can be held in our cloud to satisfy regulatory requirements.

custom reports

Reports your Way

For those who want to go deeper in their reporting, Reports Your Way can cross-correlate insights from e-Rostering, ESR, PAS, RiO, Datix and other Trust systems to provide bespoke, automated reports.

foresight machine learning and AI


Foresight uses machine learning to provide patient demand forecasts and predict sickness levels, temporary staff requirements and agency costs; to help you take action to mitigate issues before they arise.

data direct sharing

Data Direct

Our integrated Data Direct software has the capability to return bulk data extracts that can be used to empower your business intelligence (BI) teams and feed into internal dashboards.

Ward Guardian drives rostering improvements by issuing timely, tailored guidance in natural language to our wards. It’s fully automated and AI-powered - like having a virtual rostering expert sat by each ward every day. It’s a huge reporting time-saver for us - it frees our e-rostering experts to focus on helping our wards to improve.”

Paul Marston, Head of Workforce Systems and Utilisation, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

ward guardian brochure

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