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Reach the next level of NHSI workforce effectiveness

Workforce compliance powered by
Machine Learning

With NHS Trusts needing to make progress against NHSI's Levels of Attainment and services under pressure, planning effective rosters that balance cost-control and compliance with staff wellbeing is crucial.


Our automated Ward Guardian AI solution will support you to lock in Trust-wide improvements in workforce effectiveness. The result? Better outcomes for patients, evidenced savings and improved staff retention.


Helping HR teams reach new NHSI Levels of Attainment

NHSI Levels of Attainment

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Features and benefits

nhs data hub
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing data systems

  • No upfront investment in new IT infrastructure

custom reports
  • Create tailored reports to highlight CIP opportunities

  • Access insights from multiple systems in one Data Hub

continuus improvement
  • Focused guidance to help you progress through NHSI Levels of Attainment

  • Automated notifications of staffing compliance issues

wellbeing and reduced agency costs
  • Reduce agency dependency and cut staffing costs

  • Increase staff retention, safety and wellbeing

Software designed exclusively for the NHS

Using intelligent analytics, the Oceansblue software can collate, enrich and transform KPI and operational data into easy-to-understand, actionable guidance, turning cold metrics into a narrative.


It's like having a data scientist and a rostering expert by your side every day, supporting you to make the planning decisions that will protect your budget and drive NHSI's Levels of Attainment progression, while promoting staff retention and positively affecting patient outcomes.

On average, we help our Trusts and Health Boards identify savings of £6m pa and improve  planned staffing compliance.

An NHS Trust

We’re well connected

As an Allocate partner, we work closely with their teams to seamlessly deliver a collaborative service. We are an accredited and approved G-Cloud supplier, ensuring our pricing is transparent and our procurement processes are straight-forward.


Allocate RLDatix

Equip wards to take positive action

Ward Guardian from Oceansblue is a simple to implement tool that continually monitors rostering performance and delivers actionable information in a straightforward, accessible way.

Automated emails are sent to ward managers to provide personalised reminders of best practice and policy; highlighting where improvements could be made and 'nudging' them in natural language towards actions that could be taken.

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