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The Rise of the Machines: e-rostering and automated reporting

On our travels, we've noticed Trusts depending on manually created reports – to check for problems or just to dig out key intelligence. Often these are hand-crafted from various sources. In some cases, it’s not possible to get at the data that’s needed at all.

And when prepared (sigh!) these reports may then need to be laboriously segmented and then emailed to ward managers, execs and matrons. This is tedious, possibly error-prone and probably not the best use of a talented human’s time.

If this is driving you crazy, we thought you’d like to hear about Sentinel. It’s a modular, automated alerting solution that works like this:

  • Join up data sources (e-rostering, NHSP, Pulse, Datix, PAS, BMS, Acuity…anything really)

  • Use intelligent pattern-matching and parsing routines to return meaningful information

  • Package and despatch pretty emails and/or Excels automatically on a schedule or event.

Simples! We’re detecting future problems, (or maybe just delivering plain aged reports) and connecting this with the people responsible/able to do something about it! Detect a problem and prevent a tragedy, as they say…

And once set up, that’s it. Poor processes and problems will be disrupted (and hopefully "Terminated"). And you can move on to the next challenge, comforted by the fact that Sentinel will continue to work on the current problem with literally zero effort on your part.

Sentinel's email alerts are very simple and pretty, using HTML5 and/or Excel so that information is readable in Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and crucially on any smartphone platform.

Finally, we are always very pleased to accept customisation work, to give you exactly what you need, but here’s a sample of the kind of things Sentinel can guard for you:

  • Short Notice Staffing Breaches

  • Pre-Payroll Run Checking

  • Roster Plan Quality

  • Policy Minimum Standards Breaches

  • Under-utilised Staff

  • Headroom Target Analysis

  • Shift Harmonisation

  • Leave and Sickness Analysis

  • Plan Sign-off Timeliness

  • Data Quality Issues

  • Executive Oversight

  • External Audit Assurance

  • Customised Alerts

If this sounds interesting - maybe you’d like to give your humans a break and let the machines take the strain - you can click on this link to visit our website and then get in touch.

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