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Your data may not be sexy (but it is important).

Getting better at Business Intelligence in the NHS is important - regulatory reporting is already extensive and Trusts needs to be intimate with their workforce data to better control Bank and Agency spend.

So where might this demand for insight come from? Well, a short list is: the NQB, NHSi, FOI requests, custom Board Reports and KPI alerts, Data Quality, Safe Staffing metrics and Rota Plan Quality too.

This insight is often painful to deliver - sometimes the right metrics can’t be exposed at all, or can take days to pull together.

Frustrating indeed - and it doesn’t leave your staff the time or space to think about improvements. Worse, it places a huge administration burden on clinical ward and back office staff.

Meanwhile, Trusts don’t realise they may be exposing poor quality data to external regulatory bodies like the NQB and the public domain. This is because surprisingly, many Trusts don’t have a workforce data quality program in place. As workforce systems are human-driven, we shouldn’t be surprised when a busy nurse is distracted from entering data with accuracy.

Let’s get your data in better shape

We support and protect our Trusts:

Still there? Excellent and thanks! If great data can help you achieve all of this, I'd say that's an attractive proposition (still not buying the sexy part though) after all.

We have some excellent references and you can see a snapshot of the kind of projects we work on here:

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